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M-C Application | Sam by kieungao M-C Application | Sam by kieungao
i will redraw him v soon


» Name: Sam Ness
» Nickname[s]: Just Sam

» Gender: Male
» Age: 19
» Birthday: 7.21 ( ♋ )

» Occupation: Lifeguard
» Species: Sharpedo #319 Sherk by kieungao 
» Type: [ WAT // DAR ]

» Moveset: normal by kieungao Rage, Water by kieungao Aqua Jet, psychic by kieungao Agility, Water by kieungao Scald


» Nature: Hasty
» Characteristic: Quick to flee

» Personality: ENFJ
   Contrary to the popular belief about sharks, he is not short-tempered. He actually dislikes this stereotype. It takes a lot to truly anger him. However, on the rare occasion that it does happen, it can be a tad explosive. More often than not, it's like his emotions are amplified - both positive and negative ones- in which he may act melodramatic to an extent. Other times, everything can be severely dulled down. At these times, he seems very drained and unmotivated.
   He's very, very awkward and he always ends up making every situation worse because of just how awkward he is. He's terrible under pressure and flusters very easily. He can’t easily speak fluently when he gets like this, so he usually ends up saying something really wrong. He’ll try to fix said wrong, and most likely just mess up again. It’s a never ending cycle of awkward for this guy, to be honest.
   Quick to flee, Sam easily results in bailing on the situation and running away when things go bad, rather than facing his problems. It is quite rare for him to keep a level head, but not impossible. He's easily embarrassed and lacks a lot of self confidence. Sometimes, he can even come off as a tad self-deprecating. The only thing he doesn’t doubt himself in is swimming, which is something his species is naturally supposed to do correctly, so it’s not much of a triumph.
   Being as he is a teenage boy, he can be occasionally sarcastic, sassy, and a wry observer of others. But, that's just with friends! Not that he has many, really. He always ends up embarrassing himself in front of them before he can step out of the acquaintance box.
He might end up a tad possessive. To those close to him, he might display clinginess, like he can't comprehend the thought of losing or letting them go. He's inexperienced and fears abandonment, but expects others to leave him.
He's very hasty and more often rushed. He's impatient, restless, and can get very antsy when something isn't happening, because he always anticipates something. Just as well, he's nervous, tense, and often apprehensive.

» History:
- Only child
- Lived with his father, whom sheltered him and was overprotective.
- Unaware of his mother's whearabouts, he is convinced she abandoned him.
- He was home schooled for several years of his life, causing pretty impaired social skills. 
- Found sactuary in swimming and aquatic life. His closest friends lived in a fish tank, because they were fish.
[Paragraphs coming soon ok ok ok]

» Likes: Red Meat + Luminescence & Glows + Colorful things + Swim swim + Coffee + Suds + Collecting Sand Dollars + Classic Movies + Lots of showers
» Dislikes: Sharp smells - Dry days - Cold days - Heights - Sour flavors - ”Sammy” - The Dark - Embarrassment + Judgement - Being put under the spotlight 

» Talents:
Skilled swimmer - Ambidextrous - Capable of momentary bursts of speed - Flexible
» Flaws:
Cold sensitive - Easily prone to dehydration - Quickly embarrasses self - Awkward - Easily uncomfortable - Overly emotional - Flighty


» Other:
Considering his terrible fear of heights, he will literally just cry if more than ten feet off the ground.
Stands at 5’6’’
He decided to join the lifeguards because he feels like swimming is literally the only thing he's decently good at.
Mildly cold (tepid) blooded, so he likes wearing layers most of the time // and staying warm.
Scary things scare him easily // Not the actual thing, he's just really jumpy at loud noises or flashing lights/images
Conceptual-wise, he doesn't find anything that scary
He only eats red meat and refuses to eat fish. Fish are his friends.
Always carries around a drink of some sort
Basically always wears his jacket unless he is on duty, swimming, showering, or sleeping (sometimes he does sleep in it)
Please don't hurt or eat fish in front of him he will cry.
He has social anxiety and he’s trying to work through it, but it often disrupts his work and gets him in trouble (sometimes he gets so nervous he bails on his post and runs home)

[Characters Met] [Roleplay Invite] [About RPs]

are roleplays open
yes they are 
roleplaying with me is essential it is a crucial part of life
it has health benefits
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